Association of Czech Breast Radiologists (AMA-CZ)

The Association of Czech Breast Radiologists (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) is a voluntary independent association. The Association is a legal person, registered by the Czech Ministry of Interior.

The Association has been established in order to support and implement activities related to diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

In particular, the Association:

  • participates in the management and control of Breast Screening Programme,
  • supports the promotion of programmes aimed at breast disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment,
  • represents physicians in negotiation on point values and health care reimbursement,
  • represents physicians in negotiations with health insurance companies, Czech Ministry of Health, public authorities and other bodies,
  • issues specialised publications,
  • organizes professional educational events, focused on breast disease diagnosis and treatment,
  • provides help and information to its members, such as health care reimbursement, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, business proposals, news in technology, etc.),
  • cooperates with national authorities and organisations, international organisations, and nonprofit organisations in the Czech Republic and abroad.