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Cancer screening programmes in the Czech Republic (CR)

The following websites also exist in English version.

Breast Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

Cancer in general: Czech information websites

The following websites also exist in English version.

Czech Society for Oncology

  • The official website of the Czech Society for Oncology is primarily intended for its members – i.e. the health professionals, mainly oncologists. However, the portal also involves an important section which has been specifically designed for the public. The contents of the web portal are mostly available in Czech language only, although some important issues are also available in English.
National Cancer Control Programme On-line (NOP On-line)

  • Research project focusing on the development of presentational and informational background for the network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCC) and Comprehensive Cancer Groups (CCG) in the Czech Republic. The main objective of the portal is a well-balanced presentation of all CCC and CCG and to provide regional-focused information services.
System for Visualization of Oncology Data (SVOD)

  • Information system for the assessment of cancer epidemiology in the Czech Republic. This research project has been approved and guaranteed by the Board of the Czech Society for Oncology (CSO). Its result is a complex information portal, providing access to more than 1.3 millions of records from the Czech National Cancer Registry (CNCR). The users can easily perform analyses of cancer epidemiology, trends, regional variations and population risks, according to their own preferences.

Breast cancer: information websites Official website of the US National Cancer Institute. Apart from information on breast cancer, this website provides a lot of information on other cancer diagnoses, clinical trials etc. A well-aranged website which provides detailed information on breast cancer. Official website of the British non-profit organization Macmillan Cancer Support, which provides useful information on all cancer diagnoses, as well as advice for patients and their families. Information on breast cancer provided by the non-profit organization


Last updated on 8 January 2015