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Association of Czech Breast Radiologists (AMA-CZ)

Konstantinova 1479/1
149 00 Praha 4 - Chodov

Company ID: 26634767

  • The ASSOCIATION OF CZECH BREAST RADIOLOGISTS (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") is a voluntary independent association.
  • The Association is a legal person, registered by the Czech Ministry of Interior.
  • The Association has been established in order to support and implement activities related to diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
  • In particular, the Association:
    • participates in the management and control of Breast Screening Programme,
    • supports the promotion of programmes aimed at breast disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment,
    • represents physicians in negotiation on point values and health care reimbursement,
    • represents physicians in negotiations with health insurance companies, Czech Ministry of Health, public authorities and other bodies,
    • issues specialized publications,
    • organizes professional educational events, focused on breast disease diagnosis and treatment,
    • provides help and information to its members, such as health care reimbursement, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, business proposals, news in technology, etc.),
    • cooperates with national authorities and organizations, international organizations, and nonprofit organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad.
(Excerpt from the Articles of Association)


Last updated on 7 November 2012